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Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Forum-Three PlayFest 2006

Announcing The FORUM-THREE Playfest 2006:

Group Theatre 'Forum-Three' celebrates its 25 years of theatre in the city and
presents a two-play festival at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore as
part of the celebrations.

The plays to be staged are Manoj Mitra's "The Orchard of Banchharam"
and Badal Sircar's "The Other Side Of History", both having enjoyed a
thumping success in the past.

The schedule of staging is as follows:

The Other Side of History: 7:30 PM on January 19, 20 & 21 (Thu, Fri & Sat)

The Orchard of Banchharam: 7:30 PM on January 27 (Fri), 4:00 PM & 7:30
PM on January 28 (Sat).

Donor Passes are Rs. 100 each.

The Objective of the Festival:

The theatre fest is being organised not only to popularise Indian
plays in English and reach out to a wider audience, but also to
support an underprivileged section of the society. The proceeds of
this theatre fest will benefit a self–help group comprising of women
and persons with disability in Kolagondanahalli Village of Kanakpura
district. Specifically, the funds will be utilised to buy hearing
aids, crutches and tricycles for the physically challenged.

The Orchard of Banchharam

This is the story of a haunted garden. The spirit of the late zamindar Chhakori Dutta, who died 30 years ago, wails in the garden cursing the "damned rustic Banchha Kapali" for owning the idyllic garden. Banchharam is now 95 years old, twisted and deformed with age and ailments. The present landholder of the area, Chhakari's son Nakari, strikes a deal with him — as long as he lives, Banchha will receive a monthly dole from Nakori and in lieu, Nakori will become the owner of the garden after Banchha's death. However, Banchha is in no mood to die and gradually he rejuvenates. This twist of events destabilises Nakori, who falls seriously ill. Seeing his pathetic condition, Banchha pines for his own death in order to help Nakori achieve his goal. But now there are people who would not let Banchha die — his grandson and his wife, and a petty thief whose entire family survives on the fruits of the garden. Banchha is now a crest-fallen man, trying to come to terms with these conflicting forces as he sees his garden degenerating into a murky exhibition site of man's base instincts, including greed, envy and jealousy. This Forum-Three production, translated into English from Manoj Mitra's original in Bengali, directed by Ranjon Ghoshal, has Rajeev Gupta, Nilanjan Chowdhury, Sambrita Basu, Gulshan Devaiah et al in the cast.

The Cast (in order of appearance):

Late Zamindar Chhakori Data: Ranjon Ghoshal
Thief: Rajesh Vorkady
Banchharam Kapali: Rajeev Gupta
Gupi Chandar: Gulshan Devaiah
Landshark, Nakori Datta: Nilanjan Choudhury
Moktaar, the village lawyer: Supratim Roy
Hriday Charan, the astrologer: Diptarka Dassarma
Gobindo, the quack: Rajesh Vorkady
Sambrita Basu
Hontka & Kontka: Srijit Mukherji
Smt. Datta: Sangeeta Ghoshal
The Priest: Tamojit Roy
Villagers: Kanchan Bhattacharyya
Revati Roy
Satyaki Bhattacharya
Abhimanyu Ghoshal
Prateeque George

The Crew:

Translation from the original script in Bengali: Ranjon & Sangeeta Ghoshal

Direction: Ranjon Ghoshal
Asst. Direction: Rajesh Vorkady

Art Direction: Dr. Vivek Benegal
Make-up: N Ramakrishna
Back-stage: Nayantara Roy, Revathy Roy, Shruti Kiran
Lighting: Ajit Hande
Production management: Kanchan Bhattacharyya
Production Control: Sangeeta Ghoshal

A FORUM-THREE Production

The Play is of 2 hours' duration with one break.


The Other Side Of History (Baki Itihas)

The Other Side of History (Baki Itihas) is vintage Badal Sircar (1965), in that, this is not a play in
his later genre of 'Third Theatre', where theatre happens in an intimate space, so much so that the audience is almost threatened to accept an active role in the happening.

Baki Itihas is an out and out proscenium play. Usual trappings all in place including a clear demarcation between the acting space (stage) and the audience space.

This play necessitates the use of realistic sets (as opposed to suggestive ones), use of mood lighting, a background score and a storyline with no use of the alienation technique of the Brechtian genre.

Within the classical proscenium realm, Badal Sircar has conjured original magic with his play, used highly intellectual logic of establishing and then deconstructing a narrative thread, created critical psychological moments and then disowned them, and finally presented a challenge to the audience as to whether man should head for the ultimate decision of self-destruction.

The playwright questions the role of the middle class in times of unrest, genocide and holocaust throughout history and demands retribution; and then 'unprepares' you for the unexpected.

Baki Itihas – The Other Side of History by Badal Sircar, brought to you by
Forum Three.promises to engage you totally and entertain you in a way that
only the very best in theatre can do.

Cast: (Characters first, alongside appears the actors' names. In order of their appearance)

Sharadindu Nag - Gulshan Devaiah
Basanti - Shruti Kiran Rao
Basudeb - Anand Ramprasad
Kanaa - Noyontara Roy
Nikhil - Anand Ramprasad
Seetanath - Srijit Mukherjee
Court Bailiff - Kaushik Mukherjee
Old man - Ranjon Ghoshal
Bijoy - Anand Ramprasad
Bidhubhushan - Rajeev Gupta

Direction: Ranjon Ghoshal
Stage: Dr. Vivek Benegal
Lights: Anish Victor
Music Score: Abhimanyu Ghoshal
Live music: Sounak Sen Barat & Abhimanyu Ghoshal
Production management: Kanchan Bhattacharyya & Shruti Kiran Rao
Production controlling: Sangeeta Ghoshal

The Play:
Playwright - Badal Sircar
Translation: Dr. Saumitra Chakraborty

Forum-Three Bulletin Board

Forum-Three Bulletin Board

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Act One

Forum-Three is a 'Group Theatre' theatre group, based in Bangalore, India. For those who came in late, Group Theatre is what "Little Magazine" means to experimental literature. Lost again? So are we. But, well, Group Theatre is not-for-profit, yet professionally managed, passion-driven, politically incorrect, in-your-face theatre.

Forum-Three. We inherited that name some years ago from a fraternity of theatre enthusiasts of this city who thought theirs was a Third World Theatre Forum and as such thought Forum-Three should be such a clever and profound label. This bunch quickly retired. They had to. Political theatre wasn't in fashion any longer.

We, the newer lot, started with a new mantra. (But were stuck with the old name). We would do vernacular plays rendered in English. We were just a handful of us then. Ranjon (Ghoshal), Sangeeta (Ghoshal, again), Utkal (Mohanty), Sudarshan (Krishnaswamy), Srinivas (TB), Chandru (later known as Sihikahi Chandru), Kumar (Banerjee), (Late) Aloke Bhowal, Pinky (Saumitraa), Subhash (Chakraborty) and a few others.

But not many translations of vernacular plays were available those days. We found Girish Karnad's Hayavadana extremely doable. And became the first group to stage the play in English for the Bangalore audience.

Not counting two Becketts and a workshop on Bertolt Brecht, we continued with Indian plays with a single-minded devotion. And perhaps not so surprisingly, many of our play scripts have happened because of our own in-house translation efforts. Almost all of them are now available in print.

Forum-Three Repertoire:

In our cache of plays, now we have the following, for-here and ready-to-go:

· The Orchard of Banchharam (from Manoj Mitra's Sajano Bagaan),

· Mareech – The Legend (from Arun Mukhopadhyay's Mareech Samvad),

· An Audience With The King (from Manoj Mitra's Raj-darshan),

· The True Story of a Half Man (from Arun Mukhopadhyay's Jagannath),

· The Other Side of History (From Badal Sircar's Baki Itihas) and

· Hayavadana(from Girish Karnad's play by the same name).

We aren't into street plays yet. We still need a stage, an elaborate lighting grid and an acoustically engineered hall to perform our plays. And yes, we need an audience too.

Back home in Bangalore, we frequently hold theatre workshops, play-readings and an open forum for experimental Spoken Words and acoustic music.

Talk to us today if what we do interests you.

Contact us at:

Forum Three
19, 5th Main Road,
Jayamahal Extension,
Bangalore - 560046
Phone: 2354-5002 Fax: 2354-5004
Contact Ranjon Ghoshal: +91 98451-51317